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A Time to Run takes you the reader on an epic and time sweeping journey of adventure, love and war. Set within actual, documented historical events from 21st century Afghanistan back through the nostalgic and war torn years of World War II, you will be caught up in one man’s lifelong dream to redefine history.

Albert Connor is a World War Two veteran with an ardent dislike for war. The devastations of that war and cruel oppression by a fascist madman are events that Albert Connor would change in a heartbeat if he could only transcend the bonds of time.
His frustrations with old age are further tormented by recurring dreams of love and battle. Then, adding to his daily struggles, our veteran hero is distraught over the prevalent apathy of today’s generation and worries over the prelude to war that he perceives is approaching as he watches the global news.
In reality, only those who see the invisible can do the impossible
and in A Time to Run ‘the impossible is only a dream away!’

Cover image by World Class Canadian Artist: Robert Bailey

Author’s note____

It is my sincere hope that as each one of us seeks the peace and prosperity that we all surely dream of, that we never forget the warning signs that appeared on the European political horizon barely one generation ago. May we also never forget the immortal words of Spanish philosopher George Santayana who warned: “Those who do not remember the past will be condemned to relive it!”
I hope that, in this story I have accurately documented and preserved our Canadian values, God knows they are seriously threatened. Canada was forged from rock, timber and sea and settled by stalwart men and women who longed for freedom from persecution, freedom from tyranny, and freedom from inequality of every kind. Freedom, then, has epitomized our struggle and our success, and is woven into the very fabric of our nation’s history and values.
I believe that the future of a nation and the destiny of a people are an intrinsically, inseparable consequence of what its citizens choose to regard from history. May you enjoy the adventure, the romance, the action and travel of this journey into our very real but not so distant past.
Douglas Warren Greenfield

Führersonderzug - Hitler’s private train

_____________Book Contents_______________

Chapter One: Medevac
Chapter Two: My beautiful golden haired girl
Chapter Three: The Italian nightmare
Chapter Four: The Cattz Clinic
Chapter Five: Home on the Prairies
Chapter Six: On the Run!
Chapter Seven: Operation Jubilee / The Dieppe disaster
Chapter Eight: Prisoners of the Reich
Chapter Nine: Scheming in Hitler’s back yard
Chapter Ten: An Islamic friend
Chapter Eleven: A Beautiful Dilemma
Chapter Twelve: Invitation to an air raid
Chapter Thirteen: A meeting with Der Führer
Chapter Fourteen: From Amsterdam with Love
Glossary of Canadian and German Military Terms


Dedicated to Francis Willard Greenfield, my veteran father.

Throughout WW II Pilot officer Frank Greenfield defended his country from an amphibious long range reconnaissance aircraft known to the Canadian Air Force as a Canso. Their lonely and dangerous command was to locate and sink enemy submarines that threatened our Atlantic ports and shipping. He was a prairie boy, Saskatchewan born and farm-raised who never forgot his country roots.
I was always proud of my father. Initially trained by the R.C.A.F. as an aero engineer, he could seemingly operate or repair any mechanical device known to man. Father married Marjorie his sweetheart in July of 1944, only a year and a half before World War II was won. In many ways this book reflects my father’s adventurous spirit, his patriotism and appreciation for the freedom we all enjoy in Canada today. It also relates the many frustrations that old age imposed upon him as he withdrew to memories of a time when life was strong and meaningful.

_______________Authors Comments__________

In 1938 Adolf Hitler was named Man of the Year by Time Magazine. However, within the next twelve months this man would be directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen as he systematically eliminated his political adversaries, the handicapped, the weak, the mentally challenged and the insane. This man of the year would then go on to inflict the grisly murder of nearly 12 million Jews, Gypsies, Slavic people and others that he deemed “a life not worthy of living.”

In his egomaniacal attempt to rule the world, Adolf Hitler caused the destruction of five-and-a-half-million of his own faithful soldiers, almost three million of his trusting civilian countrymen, and was ultimately responsible for the total loss of around 60 million lives before cowardly taking his own.

Hitler, a simple army corporal and a failure at business, arrived on the political scene seemingly out of nowhere. He was a gifted orator who swayed the German populace with promises of change and national grandeur. Herr Hitler, strangely enough, was not even German born and his philosophical mentors were certifiably insane. The first clue of Hitler’s egomania that the country blindly missed was the early formation of his personal protection service, the SA secret police that eventually became the dreaded SS.

Germany’s pompous new Man of the Year would, in half a decade invite the complete annihilation of their beloved Fatherland and eternal shame upon a once proud nation. He promised them change and change they got. However, when a nation’s founding principles are compromised for the sake of change or visions of national or political grandeur and reflection upon history’s solemn lessons are ignored, Santayana’s immortal words shall undoubtedly ring true.

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